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Maghreb, a subordinate globalization

Ali Bensaâd
p. 9-13
This article is a translation of:
Maghreb, une mondialisation subalterne



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First lines

Nowadays, «globality» throughout the world is obvious proof of the reality and significance of globalization. There is no country or company that has not worked at the very heart of its structures, through the dynamics of globalization, which invest even in the peripheral areas through to the most symbolic borders. It is through the interaction, either incurred or assumed, with these dynamics that the future of North Africa is now being shaped.

It is agreed that North Africa, despite its geographical and historical proximity to Europe, is subordinate in the polarization of the global economy and it shows no obvious sign of emerging from this position. On the contrary, the divide seems to be widening. Today, the Mediterranean area is where the North / South divisions are the most considerable. It is also the only region where these differences are increasing, especially when compared to the developing  area of East Asia, whose GDP per capita was three times less 30 years ago than in t...

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Electronic reference

Ali Bensaâd, « Maghreb, a subordinate globalization », Méditerranée [Online], 116 | 2011, Online since 30 December 2013, connection on 20 December 2014. URL :

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Ali Bensaâd

Géographe, Université de Provence,

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